About Elements


Elements Yoga and Wellbeing was founded by Louise Gresty in 2016.

The aim of Elements Yoga and Wellbeing is to offer a whole body approach; yoga to balance and strengthen both body and mind and nutrition, to give you the tools to feed your body in the best way for you. The key principles are:

To help keep you grounded and rooted within your being and your core beliefs

To utilise your breath in a way that feeds your body, making you feel calmer and give you better clarity of mind

To fire up your passion, both within life and for yourself

To remind yourself to remain fluid and calm throughout changes within your life and the things you can’t control

Elements Yoga and Wellbeing recognises everyone is different and that everyone
has elements of themselves they love and some they would like to develop and grow.

Louise aims to empower and help you to gain the tools with which to do so.

Louise Gresty yoga