Yoga Alliance

Louise Gresty is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This accreditation
demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals

Yoga is a whole body approach which helps to balance both your body and mind using a combination of breath (pranayama) to calm the mind and poses (asanas) to strengthen and stretch the body.

Yoga is hugely beneficial for a number of things, studies have shown it is a safe and effective way to improve strength, flexibility and balance along with lowering stress levels. Studies have also shown it is beneficial for those with high blood pressure, heart disease and as well as easing general aches and pains it can help with depression and anxiety too. 

It is also a myth that you have to be flexible to practice it. Elements Yoga and Wellbeing believes that ‘what you can do’ in a pose means so much more than what you can’t. Every person’s body is different, has been through different experiences and has different injuries or ‘tweaky’ places. Louise is willing to work with you in order for you to get what you want out of your own practise whether you are looking for relaxation, increasing your strength or flexibility, working on an injury or simply just coming to have fun!

Forrest Yoga

Louise primarily teaches Forrest Yoga, a practice that was developed over 30 years ago by creatrix Ana Forrest. You can read more about her on the Forrest Yoga website.

Forrest Yoga primarily focuses on four pillars:

•    Breath
•    Strength
•    Integrity
•    Spirit


During a Forrest Yoga practise you will benefit from a different form of pose sequencing which aims to address injuries and pain and connect you deeper with your emotions. Poses can be uplevelled or downlevelled depending on the student, your abilities/injuries and what your needs are on the day. The practice will enable you to become stronger both physically and mentally and you have time to truly feel the poses and connect deeper with the breath.